Posted by: Dearly Yours | July 27, 2016

When the verdict hurts – Rufus and Alexander

While looking for something to listen to, I decided to visit a church website several friends thought to be stupendous.  I found a message date July 14, 2013.  The pastor spoke about the Trayvon Martin trial and its surprising decision.  Surprise because an adult shot and killed an unarmed teenager, but was found innocent.  He received no imprisonment.

Therefore, the sermon goal was to convey to mature believers that their goal is to bear the weight of injustice, and continue to promote the concept of God’s goodness.  Ok, that is a stellar goal, but as I read the commentaries and researched a little on my own. I came to a different goal.  I did not get the same takeaway as the pastor, (which is OK, God speaks to us all differently).

I saw that Rufus & Alexander’s father aided Jesus in carrying the cross; I also read that perhaps familiarity was the reason to raise the boys’ names.

Therefore, the parallels I see are:

When the verdict hurts Jesus sentenced to crucifixion The adult was found not guilty.
The teenager killed Jesus death We are given redemption and set free.
Simon the Cyrene Made to carry the cross We witness continual injustices
Rufus and Alexander Witnessed their father carrying the cross We are asked to accept injustices

I found another blog with thoughts on this topic.  That post ( suggested that the sons observing the father’s actions was the point. (the blogger wrote, “Lord, please let my sons see me take up my cross daily and allow that to impact their lives as it did Alexander and Rufus.”)

It is important to let our kids see our devotion to the Lord.  Can you agree with that?

Take care

Signed, Dearly Yours



Scriptures:(Mark 15:21, Matthew 16:24)















(Mark 15:21, Romans

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